WEEDS/RUMPAI features a series of banner paintings by Sharon Chin of various weeds that grow in the garden of her home in Port Dickson. They are painted on 'up-cycled' political party flags that she had collected from her neighbourhood. The flags began appearing in Port Dickson around the third quarter of 2012, placed in public spaces, hung on trees, street lamps, and signposts by the roadside.

WEEDS/RUMPAI considers weeds, not as that unwanted interference, but as an untameable persistent force. The series is a timely metaphor of creative transformation, the personal struggles to make meaning and political space in our urban jungle and the ability to move beyond the narrow limits of partisanship by waving the flags of the many diverse aspirations that make up the complexity of a people. As Sharon has put it, the weeds 'have time on their side'. They survive against the tide of unfavourable histories by dint of their cunning, patience, perseverance.

WEEDS/RUMPAI celebrates ordinary people and their daily lives. The exhibition is especially timely, given the current political events and discourse dominating all aspects of Malaysian life.

SHARON CHIN: WEEDS/RUMPAI runs only for one night on
10 March 2013, 4 - 11 pm at:

352, Jalan 5/57, Petaling Garden, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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