Angst. Confusion. Longing. Frustration. Loss of privilege. Running from painful memories. Self-reflection. These are some of the phrases informing Heartbreak Hotel, a group exhibition comprising the works of emerging artists, Ibnu Alfadli Othman, Jun Kit, and Mark Tan.

Each artist explores the many facets of heartbreak, using mixed media on found paper, fabric, and other materials, in a range of techniques from gestural brushstrokes in mark-making to silkscreen prints, and spray paint to inks and watercolour.

Mark captures the emotional responses of the brokenhearted, representing gore and raw sentiment through mark-marking and the use of colour. Ibnu, unable to escape painful memories of happier times, zooms in on themes of falling, embracing, and the physical silhouettes that lovers make. Jun Kit’s keen eye for design, with a wry and brazen approach, takes us into the heart of the action, representing the more lurid aspects of hotels and what humans do when their masks are off and they are safely ensconced behind closed doors.

Together, the exhibition marries the universe of love and heartbreak (which often invites us to release either the best or the worst of ourselves), and the transient, anonymous space of the hotel, offering a voyeuristic view into the dark secrets and stark realities of sexual relationships; the ugliness which can sometimes be beautiful.