OUR ArtProjects presents a joint exhibition by Singapore-based photographer, George Wong and Singaporean painter, Yeo Tze Yang. Made up of oil paintings on canvas and black-and-white photographs, Cheap Spirits celebrates the mundane by revealing the crude and sublime moments of everyday existence. The pairing of Wong’s photographs and Yeo’s paintings encourages a dialogue between two artistic practitioners who differ in mediums, generations and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Wong’s photographs capture moments of ecstatic release. He prompts us to question whether the subjects’ momentary state of ecstasy masks something sinister that is lurking in the background. On the other hand, Yeo’s eerie paintings denote the marks imprinted by human activities and the exhaustion that comes from meeting the needs of daily life. They depict scenes ranging from a dirt-stained five-foot-way; a dishevelled man on a bus absent-mindedly looking away with two phones resting on his lap; vandalism on a concrete pathway; to green foliage surrounded by pebbles and a heap of plastic waste. 

Wong and Yeo’s combined body of work encourages us to reject the belief that only spectacular and grand narratives are worthy of being showcased, and that the sublime can often be found in ordinary places and moments by developing a renewed sensitivity to the people and things of everyday spaces.