The contemporary condition is shaped by a multitude of immediate variables. And an artist’s practice is no different, influenced as it is by a range of factors. Finding and arranging the materials that artists work with is one way of working out what informs their methods and approaches. The pool of materials includes, but is not limited to: texts, sketches, images, videos, and found objects. If a given artistic practice is fluid and in a constant state of becoming, then perhaps the materials that orbit around an artist can offer a glimpse of the trajectory of his or her evolving practice.

A workstation is a site where work of a particular nature is carried out. But what are the materials that surround an artist’s workstation? In turn, how do these materials form a coherent body of language that informs and shapes the nature of their work? What do the selected materials reflect about the locality and spaces of their practice? How do they interact with the time in which we live?

The Artists’ Workstations highlights selected pairings of materials and works by artists whose range of practices demonstrates a concoction of possibilities and factors, sometimes overlapping and at other times diverging, all the while influencing their working methods and artistic vocabularies.

The artists participating in The Artists’ Workstations are Bree Jonson, chi too, Liew Kwai Fei, and Yeo Tze Yang.