OUR ArtProjects proudly presents Obscene Presence of Absence, a group exhibition by Filipino artists, Jason Montinola, Kaloy Sanchez, Lec Cruz, and Luis Santos. For this exhibition, the artists explore human nature through the use of abandoned and desolate spaces instead of the usual art practice of using bodies to build narratives.

Obscene Presence of Absence takes its point of departure from the possibility of stories that can be told from unoccupied terrains and spaces devoid of human figures. These spaces, like a depository of historical events and figures, are rich with potential for narratives. Even if these spaces are no longer inhabited by human figures, their presence is not altogether gone as there is hardly any space left, urban or rural, that has been left untouched by human beings.

The group exhibition aims to respond to an age of social divide, where people retreat into their own bubbles delineated by divisive categories such as me, you, us, and them. The artists hope to investigate how our environment informs our actions while at the same time as it reveals patterns in our history. Furthermore, the exhibition reflects how the locality of the artists along with the art market affect their practice.