Rethinking Editions is a group exhibition featuring 15 visual artists from various artistic backgrounds and practices, who have revisited and questioned the notion of art ‘editions’ from ways of looking, making, and presenting. 

Editions in the visual arts refers to the reproduction of copies or replicas of artworks made from an original (master) work; a series of impressions or prints, photographs, cast sculptures, videos, and audio recordings. The valuation of editioned art works is subject to the number of original works; from the artist’s owned proof (AP), to limited versus open editions, and the potential future reproduction of prints (if any).

“Juxtaposing the idea of editions to the seemingly dynamic and responsive flow of visual arts seems akin to rule-making on creative expressions,” offers independent curator Sharmin Parameswaran, who, in collaboration with OUR ArtProjects, is looking to introduce more contemporary visual art projects into the Malaysian art ecosystem. “Especially in today’s hyper-digital context, where reproduced Instagram posts, memes, and GIFs are imitated, mashed, and shared into the instantaneity of digital, social, and cultural networks. It’s an invitation for us to re-idea editions,” she further elaborates.

Rethinking Editions brings together 15 artists who have looked, questioned, and turned the idea of editions in a visual arts context onto its head. Artists include: Gan Siong King, a multi-disciplinary visual artist who is currently in a state of creative crisis; NOWORNEVER Design, a creative and experimental design hub; Syahnan Anuar of Bogus Merchandise, a socially minded and community-oriented screen printing and sewing collective; a partnership of Talha KK and Tsa Meera of Imaginary 23, who recently directed Kyoto Protocol’s latest music video, ​Delta Wing; and Yee I-Lann, an artist who works primarily in photo media but is currently experimenting with traditional weaving.