The restlessness and impetuousness of adolescence makes for a most precious stage in life. Youths can be brash, straightforward and primitive — full of sharp edges. The inevitable mass of hormones exuding through their body and soul is pungent, yet captivating. 

Five tumultuous students of Fine Art in The One Academy spent two years observing and engaging with the world through individual viewpoints, translating their views into unique visual language and tangible artefacts. The results are presented in their graduation exhibition — Refraction

“Light that passes through different mediums of various densities refracts. A single ray of light passes through a medium then breaks apart into multiple vibrant rays, each a unique wavelength, velocity, direction, and colour, just as we artists who converge at an identical point, only to diverge and introduce radiance through art.” 

This refraction goes beyond the usual tools of art; flesh is easily overlooked, yet it is a most important medium in art creation – retinas, brain cells, genders, ideologies and more combine like an abstract media that refracts a subject at various angles. 

Art and life are inseparable. The sentiments from life and inhabited spaces become sources of inspiration. 

The rapid development of technology invades and manipulates our life unnoticed. Through the expressionless portraits of her friends and herself, E Pei Ni uses a gaudy palette to depict her love-hate relationship with technology. On the other hand, Chiew Xing Huei deviates from representation drawing to abstractions, rendering time and rhythm to record the inexplicable sorrows in the flow of time. Rex Lee Qi takes on urban industrial materials to create multiple unique and ambiguous abstractions on tiles. He playfully questions the fate of individuality within an industrialised society. Delaram Shafaei is heavily influenced by traditional Iranian arts and crafts inherited from her grandmother. She explores artistic expression through embroidery, and her works reflect her investigations on the beauty within nature. In contrast, Zearo intentionally dismisses meaning and narrative in his work; focusing solely on the painting process. He uses figurative painting to further refine the power of pure painting techniques. 

Refraction – the exhibition that refracts five young artists’ viewpoints upon modern life, will be featured at OUR ArtProjects from 1st – 8th July 2017. 


The One Academy School of Fine Arts was established in year 2014. This monumental program centralises on the importance of concrete fundamental fine arts studies to help potential young and creative individuals develop the ability to transfer their ideas into works of art, understand the relationship between art and time, and develop an analytical mindset in culture elements and creative directions. The One Academy Fine Arts programme takes a different approach to learning. We focus on the development of individuality and aesthetic intelligence. Students are encouraged to experiment, grow, and find the subject they excel at; ultimately possessing artistry and market abilities to transform into profound artist and produce sought-after masterpieces.