Chiew Xing Huei (b. 1995, Subang Jaya, Selangor), also known as Tuna, graduated from The One Academy. She participated in group exhibition Moving On, Yasmin at Kong Heng, Ipoh (2016). 

Chiew majors in abstract artworks of organic patterns. Exploring new techniques and unconventional methods in creating images, the design of Chiew’s artwork constantly changes as she adds more colours before they dry to form different textures. As the colours spread slowly and dramatically, the unique natural marbling patterns symbolise the predominant themes in her work; time and movement.

Just like life, these changes may come forcefully like a tidal wave, or creep along incrementally like a glacier.


Delaram Shafaei (b. 1996, Iran) has resided in Malaysia for the past decade. She holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from The One Academy, receiving the Gold Prize in the Student Creative Awards in 2016. She participated in group exhibition Moving On, Yasmin at Kong Heng, Ipoh (2016).

Shafaei utilises a broad range of materials and skills, focusing on developing her artistic expression through embroidery skills passed down through generations of women in the family. 

Her works explore the striking similarities seen between the transformation of the seed into a plant, and a zygote into a man. In particular, flowers bloom soft, redolent and fragile, full of colourful individualities — much like humans.


E Pei Ni (b. 1993, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan) is a young artist based in Subang Jaya. She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art from The One Academy in 2017. E focuses on figurative subject matters and has an expertise in oil painting.

E shows the changing tides of humankind as technology progresses, both the good and the ugly. Representing the alienation of the younger generation glued to their phones in colourful, vibrant kitsch, E draws inspiration from the daily routines she observes in people around her. 

The artist identifies with the sense of isolation, borne from an inability to separate from technology.


Rex Lee Qi (b. 1996, Kuching, Sarawak) graduated from The One Academy in 2017. He participated in group exhibition Moving On, Yasmin at Kong Heng, Ipoh (2016). 

Displaying an interest in different repetitive patterns, including those of urban society, Lee’s approach attempts to merge abstractions with elements of interior materials from his living environment. 

Structural control and raw release; industrial production and organic living patterns. His works pair the terms to tackle the conundrum: can we be unique individuals within an industrialised society? 

Using tiles as his base medium, Lee constructs a sense of formality in its arrangement to reflect the presets and formality of our living condition. In the act of painting and creating marks on the tiles, the artist sees a resemblance to people juggling the undeniable standards of living.


Zearo (b. 1995, Kuala Lumpur) obtained his Diploma in Fine Arts at The One Academy in 2017, receiving the Student Creative Award in 2016. He participated in group exhibition Moving On, Yasmin at Kong Heng, Ipoh (2016). Zearo refined his visual language and conceptual interpretations through a focus on oil painting. 

Zearo’s works explore the ‘painting’ itself, and the relationship between the spiritual nature of paintings and its technical dimensions. His neutral figures are stripped of context, emotions and backgrounds. A single boy looks out with an indeterminate expression. Nuance is found in the absence of symbolic and metaphorical meanings, opening up an anonymous, tranquil and spiritual depth. Using pale colours, simple permutations of the ordinary figure, and the integration of both the painted and unpainted, the artist conveys his spiritual thoughts on art.