Drawing from our extensive network and experience in undertaking both local and international projects, we are able to provide personalised, attentive and comprehensive services in the following area:
We can advise private and corporate collectors looking to start or strengthen their collections. This includes developing an art acquisition guideline and policy for our clients based on extensive conversation and consultation. If you are a private collector, after ascertaining your preferences and budget, we will help you to focus on a coherent buying policy, which will enhance your collection profile. If you are a corporate collector, we will devise a corporate collecting policy to complement your corporate profile, corporate social responsibility objectives and business interests.
Most of the artists we represent accept commissions. We are able to facilitate conversation between you and the artist as well as see through the development and delivery phases of the commission.
We are also able to work with architects and interior designers to provide integrated services on larger projects for your home, office, garden or other built environment.
We provide professional advice on the storage, conservation and framing of works, referring you to reliable specialists; In addition, we are able to provide computer cataloguing services for your existing collection.
We are also able to advise on the hanging, lighting and installation of artworks in domestic and corporate spaces. Moreover, we can help you organise exhibitions based on your existing collection, designing an exhibition to enhance your public profile; sourcing and transporting artworks; designing and writing exhibition catalogues and other related publications.

We are able to assist in publicity and media relations for the public launching of exhibitions, art projects or commissioned artworks or help you maximise exposure for your collecting profile.
We are interested in working collaboratively with other private foundations and cultural institutions, both locally and internationally, on the developing exhibitions, commissions, programme/audience development, public programs as well as publications. This includes traveling or multi-site projects as well as public art commissions.
We also want to engage with creative partners, corporate sponsors and public institutions to identify discursive, creative and infrastructural gaps in order to create new avenues for the promotion of modern and contemporary art. Examples include developing an artist residency, helping you achieve audience development target for art projects, organising an art competition/award, programming a series of public lectures or even embarking on art publishing ventures. Contributions to these undertakings help foster a diverse, vibrant and engaging art scene. We have the know-how to profile, position and publicise your support.
We are happy to facilitate conversations between overseas cultural offices and the local art community. This includes assisting in identifying important gaps where funding and support can be channeled into. We will also be able to provide managerial and curatorial support for such projects with the advantages of possessing local knowledge and industry professionalism.